LOCAL Residents . . . never been here before??

FREE Week of unlimited yoga for 1st timers w/ food shelf donation!
Ask for this special offer when you come into the studio!

Single Class 60-75 minutes $22
*Singles include mat, towel, water & tea!

10-pack w/ 6 month expiration $160

5-pack w/ 6 month expiration $90

Single Class 45 minutes (When Pigs Fly) $14
*Singles include mat, towel, water & tea!

10-pack When Pigs Fly w/ 6 month expiration $120

Easy Class Pass $84/month
w/ 3-month minimum commitment

Student Rate: Full-time high school/college student  100 days for $100



Please bring a mat, a big towel and water for all HOT classes!
And, please sign in online to reserve your spot!!

All our class packages come with an expiration date.  Our agreement is:

We will be here offering classes everyday (except 12/25) and

YOU will make every effort to use your package before it expires.

Click HERE to sign-up online, buy gift certificates
OR buy classes, packages & monthly passes!


So we can have a HEALTHY relationship, please read the following:

A.  All packages are sold at a discount.

·         With the delightful, tempting, perfection of the discount comes the responsibility of using your package before it expires.  So, yay.  Enjoy. Do yoga.  Be intentional.  We will hold up our end of the bargain…we’ll be here offering yoga everyDAY (except 12/25) of your package.  Make a plan and come to yoga!!

B.  ZING!!  The time period to use my package got away from me and I Want an extension!

·         Okay, so you want an extension – even though they are non-transferable, non-refundable and expire.  Want means: you  made other choices due to the season, you forgot, you didn’t read the website/sign at the studio or the email receipt you received, the email receipt went to SPAM, …etc…All extension requests need to be in writing to happyeggplants@yogamn.com  You don’t need to have a really great reason, just WANT an extension.  We ask you to purchase another package and then we extend the expired classes the extent of the NEW package.  Voila!!  Win-win.  You get to do yoga and we get to keep our very intentional, well-worn and prayed-about policies in place that are fair to ALL.  We know that true life and love happen with good boundaries.  All extensions need to be done through an in-person appointment with Ally or Kayla.

C.  Need an extension? As in, Life Really Happened to ME!! (tragedy, unexpected move, broken bone, accident…)

·         We get it.  Life happens.  We know.  If you can sincerely, earnestly pledge that life really happened to YOU and you really did TRY to come during the months that your package was valid.  You looked at the schedule.  You tried to come.  You made an effort and it just wasn’t possible.  YAY!!  We have an option for you.  Please email happyeggplants@yogamn.com and make an in-person appointment to meet with Kayla or Ally.  Through creative maneuvering and an anonymous donation to our PWUC fund ($10? $20? more?? Helps ALL do yoga), we would love to figure out how to modify your package.  Please know that packages are absolutely non-refundable.  No way.  No how.  The money you gave to us is gone already – paid to rent ($6000+/month), teachers and deskies ($6000+/month), utilities, tea, candles, window cleaning and an abundance of other things that keep us open and able to offer yoga on a daily basis.