All classes are drop-in and for all levels. Come, Try, See!! You’ll be just fine. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what something is. Come find out. Bring: yoga mat, large towel (especially for hot yoga), water & dress lightly for all classes! Also, please know…you are never late at yogamn. Never ever rush. Latecomers WARMLY welcomed. We don’t lock you out!

Warm Flow (90 degrees)

We heat the room to about 90 degrees and YOU flow. This class is based on moving from one pose to the next using sun salutations and postures that connect to one another. We flow to follow your breath, so with each inhale or exhale, you go deeper or back off or move to another pose. The pace can be bit faster, but you always go at the speed and depth that work for YOU. Each class includes flow, balance, strength, compression, twists, hip/heart openers, core work and a built-in peaceful rest at the end. Please bring a mat, a big towel and water for class!

Hot Flow (100 degrees)

A delightful combo of our basic hot yoga poses mixed with some vinyasa flow in a hot, sweaty room. Please bring a mat, a big towel and water for class!

Hot 60 or 75 (100 degrees)

Basic hot yoga poses in a hot, sweaty room. We use simple poses and pauses to target every joint, tissue, organ, muscle and gland in the body. Great for all levels because the poses are simple and there are very few down dogs. The challenge is created in how long we hold the pose and how deep you choose to go. Each class includes balancing, strengthening, compression, twisting, hip opening, ab strengthening and a delicious rest at the end. Expect to work hard and sweat. Please bring a mat, a big towel and water for class!

Pigs Fly Simple Yoga (room temp)

A fun, breath-based, simple, – not necessarily easy – 40/45 minute group yoga class for ALL shapes, sizes and ages. Basic poses and pauses held for 3-5 breaths. Stretch, strengthen, breathe, be present, de-stress and develop great habits for your body, mind and spirit. You take care of YOU. We give you ideas, variety and great group energy. Great class for beginners.

Warm Pigs Fly Simple Yoga (85 degrees)

This class is just like Pigs Fly Yoga only the room is warmed to about 85 degrees. It is a great class to intro into HOT Yoga!! Please bring a mat, a big towel and water for class!

Restorative Yoga (room temp)

This class is designed to let go of everything you hold onto in your body and mind. The class takes place entirely on the floor. You will be fully supported using various props—blankets, towels, bolsters, pads, blocks, straps and other creative things we use to help you LET GO. Students learn how to set themselves up with the help of a well-trained, loving teacher. This class is great for ALL—athletes can work harder on their training days, tight people can loosen up, tired folks can take a yoga nap, stressed-out peeps can find solace in the quiet and stillness. Expect to move minimally.

Barre (room temp)

A delightfully fun and challenging class held in our lovely Sky Room using moves inspired by ballet, pilates and yoga. WHOLE body, mind and spirit. Upper body, 8 minutes of cardio, yoga challenges, balance, weights, rump sculpting, core carving, strengthening and deeeeep stretching for injury prone areas. Ending with a delicious, calming stillness to soothe the soul and repair the body. What’s the difference? We focus BIG on connecting the body, mind and spirit to keep the stress way down. Challenge without angst. Strengthen without cortisol overload. Stay and play VS freeze, fight or flight.

Laughter Yoga Meditation (room temp)

Increase happiness, decrease stress, build your immune system, get oxygenated! No stretchy poses or balancing – everyone can do this! Just laughter, breath, mindfulness, love and health. Wear light, loose, comfy clothes. Youth ages 16 and older may register when accompanied by a registered adult. We meet at the Little Church —behind yogamn up on the hill.