Laughter Yoga Meditation!  First Tuesday of every month – 6:30pm – li’l church behind yogamn – $5 – see you there!


Benefits of Laughter Meditation:

1. Laughter is a stress buster
… it reduces epinephrine and cortisol levels

2. Laughter strengthens the immune system
…Lee S. Berk, Ph. D. found that laughter increases natural killer cells and antibody levels

3. Laughter is anti-aging
… it tones facial muscles; laughing increases blood supply to face, nourishing tissues, making skin glow

4. Laughter is aerobic exercise
… it increases heart rate and is equivalent to any other standard aerobic exercise
… William Fry, MD, Stanford University claims one minute of laughter is equal to ten minutes of rowing

5. Laughter is internal jogging
… it exercises abdominal muscles, improves muscle tone

6. Laughter is a natural pain killer
… it increases endorphin production, reducing intensity of pain

7. Laughter helps control high blood pressure
… it reduces release of stress-related hormones

8. Laughter reduces depression and anxiety

9. Laughter improves bronchitis and asthma
… it increases lung capacity and oxygen levels


Read this article from the Huffington Post on the benefits of laughter.