May 13, 2020

Dear yogamn Community:

I so love and appreciate you more than you can even imagine! I love what we have created over the past 19 years, and it has been more fun than you can even imagine. Fun. Laughter. Connection. Love. Tears. Confusion. Drama. Sweat. Cold. The exact definition of YOGA! Incredibly powerful and meaningful. I believe we truly lived up to our mission: “To be a blessing to the community and have fun.”

Over the past year, I have had signs for me to retire including some crazy genetic physical and medical concerns. Also, and I guess I should have seen this coming, my age (pushin 60), and the milestone of 40 years in the BIZ. I have been praying and searching for a solid future for the yogamn community. I am EXCITED to announce, with FULL and happy hearts, we are passing the yogamn torch to Nicole Christianson and the lovely Live True Yoga ! Nicole has a like-minded vision and compassion for yogis AND the added bonus of a mindful mind for the business of yoga. She owns Live True Yoga in St. Michael and her heart for the yoga community is authentic, practical, wise, sustainable, educated, seasoned, experienced and truly amazing. You can read more about Nicole’s incredible journey HERE.

Nicole and I have been working together over the the past year in assorted capacities, and we are excited to officially let you all in! Live True Yoga is currently offering livestream classes via zoom during this pandemic, plus on demand videos on their online platform Live True Yoga Online. Nicole will be sending out more details on how everything works in the next few days. You can look forward to getting back to your yoga community sooner rather than later. Very good. Very good! YAY!! In the meantime, check out LTY on social media.

The Plymouth location will reopen as Live True Yoga as soon as it is safe to do so. Ally and I will be working with Nicole over the next 90 days to ensure a smooth transition. Worry not, any non-expired passes you previously purchased will be honored by Live True Yoga (Watch for an email with all the details soon).

I want you all to know how much I believe in Nicole and the Live True Yoga vision, teachers, offerings and business model. Nicole is a sparkling woman with a heart, an eye and a talent for the big picture. I wholeheartedly endorse what she is doing and what Live True Yoga can offer you. Let’s give her an enthusiastic yogamn welcome!

We will also be sending out a Q/A email in the next couple weeks to answer many of your questions. Let us know what comes up for you. We will compile and mindfully breathe our way through helpful answers. Give us a moment to sort all the details as they arise. More than ever, it is a great time to allow for what we are all striving for: Space and Grace in this chaos.

Much much yoga love and blessings to Live True Yoga. I believe in ALL of you and I am excited to see what the future has in store!

Enormous hugs, smiles and gratitudes to the 20,000+ students who graced our sweet, tidy studio since August 1, 2001. Hugs, smiles, gratitudes and outright adoration, to the 140+ invaluable yogamn STAFF I consider yogamn’s rock-solid foundation of L💜🍆VE and service, including the remaining 38 to be with yogamn upon our temporary (oh how good it feels to say THAT!) closure on 3/15/2020:  Julie, MarthaL, Sherry, Sheila, Amanda, Margaret, Rod, Ally, Sue, Jim, Christine, Anna, Jeff, Pam,Christina, Melanie, Tara, Teresa, Liz, Rachel, Stephanie, Sarah, Brandon, Payton, Halle, Ryan, Marie, Karen, Angela, Courtney, Jake, MarthaW, Kimberly, Shelby, Kristen, MJ, Kayla, Jocelyn.

Thank you for 19 years of astounding fun and blessings. The moon sets on yogamn and sun rises to Live True Yoga. Let the fun continue.