yogamn studio is temporarily CLOSED.  Our HEARTS are always OPEN.

Prepared, not scared 🍆  Shelter in Place home page

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We will be updating frequently.  Your favorite teachers will be doing folksy home videos & yogamn classes that are FREE.   It’s time to ride this out, commit to great habits, and to come together in love & understanding even though it can be difficult to self-motivate or watch videos and do yoga.  Blessings for the wisdom and patience to create new habits.  I’ve heard over and over that it’s not will power; it’s Higher Power and pausing. Try that??

We are grateful for all who have reached out to help us stay open.  If you do our FREE yoga, AND you can afford it, please donate to yogamn PWUC fund ($1 – ? ?) OR donate to PRISM  Kinda like MPR right now – super accessible free stuff and a gift from you, if possible.

 Your Super Power is your Higher Power. 

 Do something JOYFUL right now!

Click HERE to donate to yogamn –  we SO love you!

Full disclosure.  We are uncertain of the future.
Please begin to wrap your brain around the idea that any money you give us and have given us will be used to pay staff (not Mary), rent, existing bills and loans.

For now, we will no longer be sending group emails.  Please reach out to us with any urgent requests or needs by emailing us at
Much love, respect & blessings to you all.


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…located in Cottonwood Plaza, Suite 21

…in the most lovely strip mall in the world!!…

wellness for your
body, mind, and heart

Hello from YOUR yoga studio in Plymouth, MN…

Best yoga studio in Plymouth, 19th consecutive year…

Mary (yogamn) and her sister Martha (Minneapolis Yoga)

opened the first hot yoga studios in the 5-state area in 2001.

We are a place of mindful fun, fitness, wellness and astounding LOVE.

We welcome ALL people with any abilities, new and experienced,

all genders of all shapes,  sizes and ages.

Drop-in for any class and feel the benefits!

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Yikes! Feel like you’re running late?? Please know …

no one is EVER late for yoga here at yogamn!!

Latecomers WARMLY welcomed.  We won’t lock you out!

If you are having trouble signing up online

OR paying for anything online,

just come on in and we’ll figure it out together!

We want you to be good at yoga, not apps & technology : )

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