Welcome to yogamn!

…located in Cottonwood Plaza, Suite 21

…right next to our local cheesy,

pizza-y Dominos Friends…

in the most lovely strip mall in the world!!

wellness for your
body, mind, and heart

Hello from YOUR yoga studio in Plymouth, MN…
the first HOT yoga studio in Minnesota!
Yay, you made it to our website.

We are a place of mindful fun, fitness, wellness and astounding LOVE.
Gladly, there is no scarcity of any of that. There is an
abundance for all and we are THERE!

Come in for a cuppa lovely kind Warrior Tea

tricked out with coconut oil, cinnamon, raw honey

and turmeric. Stay for yoga!

We welcome students with all abilities, new and experienced, men, women, boys, and girls of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Now you just need to get your rear HERE and do something really healthy for you and everyone who comes in contact with you.

We will guide and help you every step of the way, so drop-in for any class and feel the benefits!

New to yogamn?? Pre-register online for any
classes – OR simply drop-in!

Yikes! Feel like you’re running late?? Please know … no one is EVER late for yoga here at yogamn!! Latecomers WARMLY welcomed. We won’t lock you out!

Please don’t worry. Please don’t wait. Stop reading this and come to class! We are waiting for you to come and get happy, healthy and more reasonable!!

Please bring a mat, a BIG towel and water to all hot & warm classes!

More YOGA. Less MONEY.
Best Deal in Town!! Get the “EASY CLASS PASS”
Monthly Unlimited Yoga for $84!!
Click on the “rates” tab for more details!!
Remember…all of our prices are discounted all the time.
Bargain YOGA…friends.

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